Lahore to Hyderabad Railway Timing Schedule & Ticket Price

Traveling from Lahore to Hyderabad initiates with understanding the departure schedule from Lahore Junction. Discover the various departure times accommodating different preferences, allowing flexibility in planning your trip.

Lahore to Hyderabad Train List

  1. Allama Iqbal Express
  2. Awam Express
  3. Tezgam Express
  4. Shalimar Express
  5. Pak Business Express
  6. Khyber Mail Express
  7. Karakoram Express
  8. Karachi Express
  9. Green Line Express
  10. Jinnah Express
  11. Shah Hussain Express

Lahore to Hyderabad Train Schedule

The Lahore to Hyderabad railway schedule offers diverse timings, catering to various travel preferences, be it early morning departures or late-night journeys. Lahore to Hyderabad Train schedule is below here:

Train Name Departure Time  Arrival Time  Travel Duration
Allama Iqbal Express 12:00 5:10 17 hours 10 minutes
Awam Express 18:55 15:00 20 hours 5 minutes
Tezgam Express 13:50 07:15 17 hours 39 minutes
Shalimar Express 06:00 22:00 16 hours
Pak Business Express 15:30 06:20 14 hours 54 minutes
Khyber Mail Express 07:50 02:30 18 hours 48 minutes
Karakoram Express 16:00 06:55 14 hours 33 minutes
Karachi Express 17:00 08:35 15 hours 21 minutes
Green Line Express 20:35 10:25 13 hours 54 minutes
Jinnah Express 16:55 08:49 15 hours 56 minutes
Shah Hussain Express 06:30 18:55 12 hours 15 minutes

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Lahore to Hyderabad Train Ticket Price List

Understanding the ticket prices for both economy and business class offers insights into budgeting for your journey. Exploring these fare options helps travelers make informed decisions based on their preferences and comfort levels.

Train Name Economy Seat Economy Birth A.C Business A.C Standard A.C Sleeper
Allama Iqbal Express Rs. 2050 Rs. 2150
Awam Express Rs. 2050 Rs. 2150 Rs. 4000
Green Line Express Rs. 2650 Rs. 2750 Rs. 6800
Karachi Express Rs. 2700 Rs. 2800 Rs. 5700 Rs. 4400 Rs. 7750
Karakoram Express Rs. 2700 Rs. 2800 Rs. 6150 Rs. 4400
Khyber Mail Express Rs. 2050 Rs. 2150 Rs. 5250 Rs. 4000 Rs. 7300
Pak Business Express Rs. 2700 Rs. 2800 Rs. 5700 Rs. 4400 Rs. 7750
Shalimar Express Rs. 2700 Rs. 2800 Rs. 6150 Rs. 4400 Rs. 7850
Tezgam Express Rs. 2700 Rs. 2800 Rs. 5700 Rs. 4400 Rs. 7750
Shah Hussain Express Rs. 2700 Rs. 2800 Rs. 6150 Rs. 4400 Rs. 7850
Jinnah Express Rs. 2100 Rs. 2200 Rs. 4700

Lahore to Hyderabad Train Online Ticket Booking

To book a train ticket from Lahore to Hyderabad, you can do it online through Pakistan Railways’ official website or visit a local railway station to purchase the ticket in person.

Lahore to Hyderabad Train Facilities

Pakistan Train Corporation provides different facilities according to the train. The facilities vary according to the train.

  • Wi-Fi
  • Clean drinking water
  • Clean pillows & blankets
  • Newspaper
  • LCD
  • Complimentary Morning Kit (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Comb, Razor & Amp; Soap)

Lahore to Hyderabad Train distance

The distance between Lahore and Hyderabad by train is approximately 1,070 kilometers (around 665 miles). The travel time can vary depending on the type of train, route, and stops, but it generally takes around 18 to 22 hours to cover this distance by train.

Lahore to Hyderabad Train Route Map


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