Jessore to Khulna Train Schedule, Ticket Price & Fare List 2023

Are you planning a journey from Jessore to Khulna and seeking the most convenient travel options? The train route between Jessore and Khulna presents an efficient and comfortable means of travel, allowing you to traverse these vibrant cities with ease.

Jessore to Khulna Train List

Intercity Express train List:

  1. Kapotaksha Express (716)
  2. Sundarban Express (726)
  3. Rupsha Express (728)
  4. Simanta Express (748)
  5. Sagordari Express (762)
  6. Chitra Express (764)

Mail Express train List:

  1. Mohananda Express (16)
  2. Rocket Express (24)
  3. Nokshikantha Express (26)
  4. Benapol commuter (54)
  5. Khulna commuter (98)

When it comes to planning your trip, knowing the train schedule becomes imperative. The trains operating between Jessore and Khulna offer various departure times, catering to different travel preferences. By familiarizing yourself with the schedule, you can choose a departure time that aligns perfectly with your itinerary, ensuring a seamless journey.

Jessore to Khulna Train Schedule (Intercity-Express)

Jessore to Khulna Intercity Express train schedule is below here:

Train Name Departure Time  Arrival Time  Off Day
Kapotaksha Express (716) 18:46 20:10 Saturday
Sundarban Express (726) 16:20 17:40 Wednesday
Rupsha Express (728) 17:17 18:30 Thursday
Simanta Express (748) 02:51 04:10 Monday
Sagordari Express (762) 10:48 12:10 Monday
Chitra Express (764) 02:20 03:40 Monday

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Jessore to Khulna Train Schedule (Mail Express)

Jessore to Khulna Mail Express train schedule is below here:

Train Name Departure Time  Arrival Time  Off Day
Mohananda Express (16) 14:40 16:40 No
Rocket Express (24) 22:25 23:45 No
Nokshikantha Express (26) 20:00 22:00 NO
Benapol commuter (54) 16:44 18:10 No
Khulna commuter (98) 10:04 11:40 No

Jessore to Khulna Train Ticket Price List

Understanding the ticket pricing for this route is crucial for budget planning. The train ticket prices between Jessore and Khulna may vary based on different classes and services offered. By having a clear idea of the ticket prices, you can make informed decisions and select the class that best suits your comfort and budget preferences.

Different types of seat plans have on these two types of trains. Jessore to Khulna Train Ticket Price & Seat plans List below here:

Seat Section Ticket Price (15% VAT)
Shovon 60 Tk
Shovon Chair 70 Tk
First Seat 90 Tk
Snigdha 115 Tk
AC Seat 135 Tk

Jessore to Khulna Train Online Ticket Booking

To book a train ticket from Jessore to Khulna, you can do it through the Bangladesh Railway website or by visiting a nearby railway station. Online booking allows you to select your travel date, class, and seat preference.

Jessore to Khulna Train distance

The distance between Jessore and Khulna by train is approximately 64 kilometers (about 40 miles). Travel time between these two cities by train can vary based on the specific train service and its schedule. On average, the train journey from Jessore to Khulna takes around 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on factors like the type of train and any intermediate stops along the route.

Jessore to Khulna Train Route Map

Travelling from Jessore to Khulna by train offers a blend of convenience, affordability, and a delightful travel experience. By familiarizing yourself with the train schedule, ticket prices, and proactive travel tips, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey between these two vibrant cities.

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